Eco Limousine Service Rental in Monaco

For nearly 10 years Limousine Tours has taken action for Ecology

- 2001: First vehicle converted to LPG. Liquefied Petroleum Gas contains no lead, no benzene or sulfur. Its combustion produces no suspended particulates and limit CO2 emissions, one of the gas responsible for the greenhouse effect. Many other vehicles have been modified since, with the help of engineers from BRC to develop specific products for high-end models.

- Since 2006, all our diesel vehicles are equipped with particulate filters.

- 2007: Conversion of a Mercedes S-Class biofuel (bioethanol).

- 2008: Accession to "la Charte sur la Responsabilité Sociétale Monégasque"

- 2008: Purchase ot the electric scooter VECTRIX (administration services)

- Since January 2008, we offset financially all CO2 emitted by our vehicles, through offsetting program MCO2 (Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco ). Our emissions of greenhouse gases have been offset by the purchase of certified carbon credits from the project "Lena Dura".

- 2009: Purschase of the Mercedes E 250 CDI BlueEfficiency: Mercedes has made numerous efforts to provide a powerful engine (204 horses) while setting new standards in terms of economy and CO2 reduction. This vehicle already meets environmental standards EURO-5.

- 2009: Limousine Tours : Winner of the Sustainable Development Prize 2009 of the Charte sur la Responsabilité Sociétale Monégasque-Middle size Company

- 2010: The Mercedes S400 hybrid is now available in our range.

- 2012: Viano BlueEfficiency V6 (facelift) & VW Caravelle Bi-TDI DSG (facelift). Our minivans are now available with more performance and lower emissions.

- 2014: Limousine Tours : Winner of Most Original Eco Action Prize 2014 of the Charte sur la Responsabilité Sociétale Monégasque

Environment remains a commitment of every day:

- We educate our drivers to eco-driving.
- We regularly renew our vehicles to take advantage of recent technological advances (average of the park: about 2 years).
- Cleaning up our vehicles with environmentally friendly products (without water).
- Choice of new vehicles according to their impact on the environment. So far, models marketed didn't meet our needs, particularly in terms of livability and trunk capacity trunk.